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Our Invisible Magnetic Safety Lock make sure your baby is not getting intoan area where they shouldn’t be, ensuring 100% safety wherever you are. 

Are you worried about your child’s safety around the house? Your baby could get into areas where chemicals, sharp objects or liquor are accessible which could be a real nightmare!

Worry no more! We have the PERFECT SOLUTION for your KIDS and CABINET’S SAFETY. Introducing the INVISBLE MAGNETIC SAFETY LOCK!

  • Protect Your Children - Little kids are not able to reach dangerous things inside drawers or cupboards, guarantee your children's safety without keeping constant eyes on them.

  • Easy Installation - Comes with installation template, so you can easily install them without constant tries. No drill and screw needed, which means NO damage on your beautiful furniture.

  • Not an Eyesore - Without drilling holes or screws, the 3M adhesive tape will work. locks are installed inside cupboards or drawers, completely invisible from outside, guarantee your furniture's original beauty.
Magnetic Lock System- Unique magnetic keys design, you can stick keys on the furniture in case of lost. If you lost the keys, other strong magnets can open the lock as well.


  • ✅FITS ALL CABINETS AND DRAWERS - Out of sight of children and guests - Locks install inside cabinet or drawer.

  • ✅MAINTAIN THE BEAUTY OF THE KITCHEN & BATHROOM - The magnetic cabinet locks are hidden and remain unseen after installation. When your children grow up or when you move out – you won’t see any signs of drilling after removing the product.

  • ✅NEW AND IMPROVED DESIGN - The baby safety locks can fit any cabinet style, doors, and drawers, providing a hassle-free purchase.


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